BMW X3 E83 (2007) Front Bumper Cover

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  1. If you have headlamp washers, remove the injector and the cover.
  2. Now locate the fog lamps, remove trim in the doorway. Unscrew the screws for the plates. Unscrew the screws around the perimeter at the bottom.

Here’s how to remove the bumper:

  1. Remove the top plastic shield above the kidney grill. There’s three screws that holds the top of the bumper.front bumper top viewtop view 2
  2. Remove front wheels to access behind the fender’s liner.  Two hex and one rivet holding the liner.liner
  3. Under the headlight, remove T-25 hex screw located behind the liner that hold the top right corner of the bumper.
  4. Under the headlight, with plastic tool, pry both sides of the bumper.bottom
  5. Then remove the rest of the screw at the bottom to free the bumper.



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