BMW 3-Series (2020) Front Bumper

Joni Pham 发布

Here's how to remove the front bumper cover.

  1. Both side of the wheel well, remove the (4) 8mm screws of the fender liners then peel away the liners to remove the (2) 8mm screws that holds the bumper to the fenders. 
  2. Underneath the car, remove all the screws holding bottom portion of the bumper.
  3. Now open the hood and remove the weather strip that's on top of the radiator. You will find the (6) T-30 and (2) T-25 Torx screws that holding the top portion of the bumper.
  4. Please unplug the connectors, if your bumper is equipped with Parking sensor and camera.
  5. Then gently unclipping the top portion of the bumper away from the car.


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