Toyota Tacoma (1995–2004) Front Bumper Removal

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Here's how to remove the front bumper cover.

  1. From underneath the truck, unplug the connector on the back side of your fog lights.
  2. Using a 17mm and a 12mm Socket, remove your skid plate mounting bolts (x6), then remove the skid plate. (Fig A)
    tacoma bumper removal
  3. Using a 10mm Socket, remove the lower Bumper Bolts (x6). (Fig B)
    how to remove toyota tacoma front bumper
  4. If your vehicle has fender flares, use a 10mm Socket to remove the fender flare bolts along the inside of your wheel well (6 per side). (Fig C)
    tacoma front bumper removal guide
  5. Release enough of the plastic clips holding your fender flare on to be able to pull it back and out of your way. You may remove this flare completely if you desire, but it is not necessary. (Fig D)
    2016 toyota tacoma bumper removal instructions
  6. Measure and cut your OEM bumper.
  • Follow the bodyline just above your fog light. Measure from the bottom of the radius of this body line downwards 2 7/8". (Fig E)
  • Find the union between the fender and the bumper. (Fig F)
    oem stock tacoma stock bumper removal
  • Follow the body line at the top of the fog light pocket. (Fig G)
    stock bumper removal guide toyota tacoma
  • Join these three points together to form a line. (Fig H)
    replace oem tacoma front bumper
  • When you cut this line, leave about 1/8"-1/4" of material to ensure you do not cut off too much material. (Fig I)
    replace your tacoma bumper
  • Repeat Step 6 on the other side of the vehicle. Then, pull the OEM bumper off the vehicle. Release the series of plastic clips holding the black plastic inset onto the grille as you pull the bumper off so that it will come off with the bumper. (Fig J)
    tacoma front bumper removal
  • Remove the black plastic impact damper by releasing its plastic clips and pulling it off the vehicle. (Fig K)
    remove your toyota tacoma bumper steps
  • Using a 14mm Socket, remove the Aluminum Bumper mounting bolts (x6), then remove the Aluminum Bumper. (Fig L)
    easy steps to remove 2016 tacoma bumper
  • Using a 14mm Socket, remove the Bumper Mount nuts (x6). Then, remove both the Bumper Mounts. (Fig M) **SAVE THESE NUTS FOR REUSE
    how to remove tacoma bumper
  • Using a 17mm Socket, remove the passenger side tow hook mounting bolts (x2). Then, remove the tow hook. (Fig N)
    removing your toyota tacoma bumper
  • Using a cutoff wheel, cut the driver side tow hook off flush with front cross member. Be sure to paint over any raw metal. (Fig O)
    2017 tacoma front bumper replacement guide
  • Using a 17mm Socket, remove the lower cross member mounting bolts (x4). Then, remove these crossmembers. (Fig P) **SAVE TWO OF THESE BOLTS FOR REUSE
    how do i remove toyota tacoma front bumper
  • Using a 17mm Socket, remove the frame extension mounting bolts (1 per side). Then, remove the frame extensions. (Fig Q)
    tacoma front bumper removal help
  • If you do not have a winch bumper, move on to Step 17. Using a 14mm Socket, remove the driver side bolt for the power steering cooler. (Fig R)
    step by step toyota tacoma front bumper removal
  • Install the supplied power steering cooler bracket.
  • Bolt the bracket to the stock cooler location using the OEM bolt. (Fig S)
    tacoma front bumper removal instructions
  • Bolt the cooler to the supplied bracket using the supplied 3/8" Bolt, Washer, and Nut. (Fig T)
    2016 toyota tacoma front bumper removal guide
  • Using a utility knife or a cutoff wheel, cut your inner fender liner as shown in Fig U.
    how to remove tacoma bumper


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