Mercedes CLA250 (2014) Front Bumper

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Instructions on removing front bumper cover.

1. We were able to do this on the ground without jacking up the car, but it can make life easier in later steps to have more ground clearance to get to certain parts. Be sure to support the car with jack stands if you decide to lift the front! To begin, open the hood and remove the (5) T25 Torx bolts along the top of the bumper.

2. Next you will need to lift the pictured plastic piece up to access the (1) remaining T25 Torx bolt on each side that holds the bumper tight to the fender. You need to press the plastic tab inward to “unlock” the plastic piece so you are able to lift it up. You don’t need to remove it completely, but you will need to just hold it up enough to remove the bolt. Again, repeat for both sides!

3. That is all for the top for now. Under the car you will find (3) 8mm bolts holding each fender liner to the bumper cover and then (2) 8mm in the center holding the lower engine cover to the bumper. They will all look like the bolt in the picture below. (8) bolts in total here. This, again, may be easier for you to see them all and remove if you have the car off the ground.

4. Starting with one side of the car, turn the wheel all the way to one side so the wheel points into the car to allow room to access the fender liner and then the bolts inside that hold the bumper to the fenders. There will be (2) pop anchors on each fender liner. Use a poking tool to pop the center out.

5. With the center either removed or pulled almost all the way out of the anchor, you can use a panel pop tool to remove the whole assembly.

6. Next hold the fender liner away from the bumper and reach inside with a 10mm socket to remove (2) bolts holding the bumper cover to the fender on each side of the car. They are a bit tricky to get to and there isn’t a lot of room which is why there was no picture for this step, just a diagram.

7. With all the steps repeated for both sides of the car you should now have (7) T25 Torx bolts from the top, (8) 8mm bolts from the bottom, (4) pop anchors from the fender liners and finally (4) 10mm bolts from inside the wheel well removed in total. The bumper is now ready to pull off the car. Start on either side of the car and hold the bumper inside the fender area and carefully pull toward the front of the vehicle. It will POP away from under the headlight, stop there and repeat that on the other side of the car. Having a friend to help here is ideal so the bumper doesn’t come crashing down to the ground! With both sides popped free from under the headlight, the bumper can now slide away from the car freely. Do NOT try and completely remove it just yet, there are (3) electrical connectors to remove with it pulled away. (1) on each side and then (1) in the center. They all unclip easily with no special tools or procedures! Then the bumper can be placed aside for the remainder of the install.


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