BMW X6 - F16 (2015 – 2019) Rear Bumper Removal

投稿者 :Quan Nguyen on

Here's how to remove the rear bumper cover.

Partially detach wheel arch finisher (1) in the area of the bumper trim panel.

Release screw (2).


Carry out work on the right side in the same way as for the left side illustrated here.

Release left and right screws (1).

Undo screws (1) on bumper panel (2).


  1. Starting from side area, carefully disengage individual guide tabs on left and right.
  2. With the assistance of a second person, detach bumper panel rearwards from guides/latch mechanisms in a straight line.
  3. Disconnect all plug connections.
  4. Set bumper trim panel aside.


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