BMW X1 - F48 (June 2015 – Present) Front Bumper Removal

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Open the hood and remove the upper grill cover.

Here's how to remove the front bumper cover.

Release screws (1).

Release screws on bumper panel (1) at bottom.

Loosen screw (1) on wheel arch trim panel (2).

Fold wheel arch cover (2) partially back.

Note: Front wheel removed for purposes of clarity.

Release screws (1) on bumper panel (2).

Detach bumper panel (2) at side.

Tilt bumper panel (1) upwards.

Unlock and detach plug connections on the following components depending on the version.

Ultrasonic sensors PDC

Ultrasonic sensors for PMA

Fog lights

Temperature sensor

Disconnect hose for headlight cleaning system

Remove bumper panel (1) towards front.



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