BMW 3-Series (2020) Rear Bumper

投稿者 :Micki Stone on

Here's how to remove the rear bumper cover.

1. Remove both rear tail lights. At the top of the bumper (where tail light mounts), remove the 10mm fasteners. At both lower corners of the rear bumper (by exhaust pipes), remove the three 8mm fasteners. At the bottom center of the rear bumper, remove the three T25 Torx fasteners. 

2. Both sides of the fender well, remove two 8mm fasteners from wheel well liner. Then peel back wheel well liner and remove the T25 Torx fasteners.

3. Both sides, pull top corner of bumper out to unclip. Direction toward the rear, slowly slide bumper off vehicle just enough to disconnect parking sensor electrical connectors.

BMW 330i (2020)
BMW 335i (2020)
BMW 340i (2020)


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