Mercedes CLA250 (2014) Rear Bumper

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  1. Underneath the car's trunk, remove the cover. There's (4) expanding rivets.
  2. Open the trunk and storage compartment to remove the trim at the lip of the trunk.
  3. Now remove the left and right trims that run along the tail lights.
  4. Remove the left and right compartment covers.

Here's how to remove the rear bumper cover.

  1. With (2) screws on each side and (2) screws in the middle, remove the all (6) screws holding the bottom portion of the bumper. 
  2. Continue to the fender liner, remove the rivets holding the liner, then move the liner aside to remove the (2) rivets and 8mm screw underneath holding the bumper edges.
  3. Remove the (2) nuts at the center of the trunk trim and one on each side behind the trunk compartment trim.
  4. Disconnect the blue parking sensor connector then unclip the bumper from the fender and car's body.

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