BMW X4 - G02 (2018 – present) Front Bumper Removal

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Here's how to remove the front bumper cover.

Preliminary Work
Engine compartment lid is open.
Undo front ornamental grille (1) out of latch mechanisms (2).
Release front ornamental grille (1) from remaining latch mechanisms to front and remove.
▶ Partially removing the front wheel arch trim
Loosen blind rivet(1).
Release wheel arch trim in the area of the bumper panel from the latch mechanisms (2) and from the clip (3).
▶ Partially remove the front section of the front wheel arch cover
Loosen screws (1).
Fold back the wheel arch cover (2)
Main Work
Loosen screws (1).
Perform the operations on the left and right side.
Loosen screws (1).
Release the bumper panel (2) from the latch mechanisms (3).
Unlock plug connection (4) and disconnect
Unlock the plug connection (1) in the right wheel arch and disconnect.
Remove plug connection (1) from holder (2)
Loosen screws (1).
Release the bumper panel (1) in the area of the top air flap control from the mountings (2).
Remove bumper panel (1) towards front.

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