BMW 5 Series Seventh generation - G30/G31/G38 (2016 – present) Front Bumper Removal

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Here's how to remove the front bumper cover.

For G11/G12 versions up to 03.19 or G30/G31/G38/F90 any version:
Grip the lower part of the front ornamental grille (1) and clip it out.
Swivel the upper latch mechanisms (2) upwards to unclip them.
Avoid contact between front ornamental grille (1) and bumper panel!
Pull off front ornamental grille (1) to the front.
For G11/G12 versions from 03.19:
Remove front ornamental grille (1) from the latch mechanisms (2).
Pull off front ornamental grille (1) from the rest of the latch mechanisms to the front.
2 – Partially remove the front section of the front wheel arch cover
To provide a better overview: Schematic diagram with partially hidden components.
Description is for left component only. Procedure on the right side is identical.
Remove screws (arrows).
Fold the wheel arch cover (1) to the side.
3 – Remove front bumper panel
Schematic diagram is for example purposes. Some parts may differ in certain details.
Loosen screws (1).

Description is for left component only. Procedure on the right side is identical.
Loosen screws (1).
Unlock plug connection (1) on the right and disconnect.
Detach the plug (1) from holder (2).
Unlock and disconnect the hose for the headlight cleaning system.
Place the hose to the top and fix.
This will prevent washer fluid from exiting.
Undo the bumper panel (1) in the area of the active air-flap control (2) from the mountings.
Pull the bumper panel (1) slightly forward and disconnect any other plug connections as needed.
Remove bumper panel (1) towards front.

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