BMW 4 Series First generation - F32/F33/F36 (2013–present) Front Bumper Removal

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Here's how to remove the front bumper cover.

Installation note:
Feed bumper panel (1) correctly into clamps (2).
Release screws (1) and expanding rivet, if applicable, on bumper panel (2).

Only F82 GTS:

Loosen the screw (1) on the front splitter adapter (2).

Release screws (1) on wheel arch cover (2) on left/right.

Lift out wheel arch cover (2) at side.

Installation note:

Make sure wheel arch cover (2) is in correct position.

Release screws (1) on left/right.


The following tasks must be carried out with a second person assisting:

Pull bumper panel (2) forwards a little.

Unlock and detach plug connections on the following components depending on the version.

  • Ultrasonic sensors PDC (right wiring harness)
  • Pedestrian protection sensor (right and right wiring harness)
  • Ultrasonic sensors for parking manoeuvring assistant (left/right)
  • Fog light (left/right)
  • ACC sensor (middle)
  • Side View Camera (left/right)

If necessary, unlock and detach hose pipe for headlight cleaning system and lay down on top.

Remove bumper panel (2) towards front.

Version with M Aerodynamics package:

Unfasten mount (1) from catch (2).

Remove bumper trim panel forwards.

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