BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer - F46 (2015–present) Front Bumper Removal

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Here's how to remove the front bumper cover.

Remove gasket (1) upwards.

Unfasten screws (2).

Release screws on bumper panel (1) at bottom.

Front wheel removed for purposes of clarity.

Loosen screws (1) on wheel arch panel (2).

Fold wheel arch cover (2) partially back.

Release screws (1) on bumper panel (2).

Detach bumper panel (2) at side.


The following tasks must be carried out with a second person assisting:

Tilt bumper panel (1) upwards.

Unlock and detach plug connections on the following components depending on the version.

  • Ultrasonic sensors PDC
  • Ultrasonic sensors for PMA
  • Fog lights
  • Temperature sensor

Remove bumper panel (1) towards front.

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