BMW 2 Series Coupé - F22 (2014–present) Rear Bumper Removal

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Here's how to remove the rear bumper cover.

Release screws (1) on wheel arch cover (2) on left/right.

Fold back wheel arch cover (1).

Release screw (2).


Release screws (1) and (2).

Only F87:

Loosen screws (1).


Bumper panel (1) is locked on sides and must be unlocked for removal purposes (risk of damage).

  1. Starting in area (2), carefully disengage individual guide tabs on left and right.
  2. Repeat process for area (3).
  3. Pull bumper panel (1) straight towards rear with aid of a second person.
  4. Disconnect all plug connections.
  5. Remove the bumper.

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