BMW 2 Series Coupé - F22 (2014–present) Front Bumper Removal

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Here's how to remove the front bumper cover.

Remove gasket (1).

Release screws (1).


Release screws (1) on wheel arch cover (2) on left/right.

Lift out wheel arch cover (2) at side.

Installation note:

Make sure wheel arch cover (2) is in correct position.

Unlock and remove cover (1).

Release screws (1) on left/right.


Installation note:

Guide (1) of bumper panel (2) must not be damaged.

Guide (1) of the bumper panel (2) must be aligned correctly in the side wall (3).

Height adjustment, see  body gap dimension.
Release retaining elements (1) on bumper panel (2).

Release screws (1).

Feed out trim panel (2) and detach plug connection for outside temperature sensor.


Carry out work on the right side in the same way as for the left side illustrated here.

Press bumper panel toward the rear and lift out latch mechanism (1) in direction of arrow.Note:

In equipment specifications with the M Aerodynamic package, the latch mechanism (1) is at the bottom and must be released in the direction opposite to the arrow.


The following tasks must be carried out with a second person assisting:

Pull bumper panel (1) forwards a little.

Unlock associated plug connections and disconnect.

If necessary, detach high-pressure nozzles of the headlight cleaning system at bumper panel.

If necessary, detach the hose pipe for the headlight cleaning system and route upward.

Remove bumper panel (1) towards front with the aid of a second person.

Installation note:

Bumper panel (1) must engage correctly in all clamps (2).

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