BMW X2 - F39 (November 2017 – Present) Front Bumper Removal

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Here's how to remove the front bumper cover.

Preliminary Work
▶ Remove the bonnet seal on the side
Unclip the side bonnet seal (1) from the outer latch mechanisms (2) and the inner latch mechanism (3).
Feed out the side bonnet seal (1) from the guide (4) and remove.
Removing the seal for the front centre bonnet
Remove the seal for the front centre bonnet (1) towards the top.
▶ Partially removing the front wheel arch trim
Loosen blind rivet(1).
Release front wheel arch trim in the area of the bumper panel from the latch mechanisms (2) and from the clip (3).
▶ Partially remove the front wheel arch cover
Loosen screw (1).
Release the blind rivet (2).
Fold back the front wheel arch cover (3).
Remove temperature sensor
Unclip temperature sensor (1) from front bumper panel (2).
Main Work
Remove front bumper panel
Loosen screws (1).
Loosen screws (1).
Loosen screws (1).
Loosen screws (2).
Pull the front bumper panel slightly forward with the help of another person.
Unlock and disconnect the plug connections (1) on the fog lights.
Remove the front bumper panel.

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