BMW 4 Series First generation - F32/F33/F36 (2013–present) Rear Bumper Removal

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Here's how to remove the rear bumper cover.

Release screws (1) on wheel arch cover (2) on left/right.

Fold back wheel arch cover (1).

Release screw (2).


Except for F80/F82:

Release screws (1).


Only F80/F82:

Release screws (1).


Release screw (1).


Carry out work on the right side in the same way as for the left side illustrated here.


The following tasks must be carried out with a second person assisting:

Unclip the bumper panel (1) in the area (2) left/right outward.

Unclip bumper panel (1) in area (3) toward the rear.

If necessary, disconnect the plug connections of the ultrasonic sensors and remove the bumper panel (1).

Installation note:

Latch mechanisms in this area (2 and 3) must be routed correctly into the corresponding holders.

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